Monday, 28 August 2017

Zebracorn Cake- Gâteau Zébracorne

Unicorn cakes/cupcakes/you name it... They've been everywhere for months! 
J and I have watched a lot of youtube videos and we decided to make a zebra version. 

I made a zebra cake (link to the recipe here) in a large tin and used templates to cut out disks. I scaled up the recipe to 6eggs (1.5 x each ingredient).


The horn is made out of grey fondant mixed with some tylo powder and then painted with edible glitter. The ears are hearts pinched at the bottom. The eyes were shaped around the same heart cookie cutter.

The cake is filled with chocolate ganache made with 200g cream and 200g good baking chocolate.
The cake stand is only a prop, see here for details.

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