Friday, 25 November 2016

DIY Cookie Cutter - Recycle

I have several boxes of cutters and yet, I keep wanting needing more... There are so many fabulous designs out there, but I have two issues when buying cutters:

1- the size - a lot of companies make very big cutters. I'm making biscuits to eat, for me it's not a media to display my artistic talent (I wish... :p ). Many will be devoured by my little ones and somehow they always find the biggest biscuits in the tin! Also if I want a specific design, it needs to match the size of the cutters I've already got.

2- the price - once I've added the shipping costs to the uk, ordering one or two cutters doesn't seem worth it.

There are tutorials out there on diy cutters involving buying strips of aluminium etc but I'm concerned about the join... double sided tape or glue just don't seem "right"!
So what's a girl to do?

I have a box of metal cutters that I know I'm never going to use: too big, unknown shape (you know the ones you keep turning round and round and you still don't know what they are supposed to be...), duplicates (how many circles/eggs/hearts/stars do you need?).

I usually start with a template and measure the perimeter to find the closest match in my box. After that, all I need is a pair of pliers! The trick is to be really careful where the join is, leaving that area in a similar shape if possible.

And this is what the leaf cutters looked like before I attacked them with the pliers:

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