Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine Bear Biscuits

I'm not a Valentine's Day kinda girl and I'm more than happy to forget it every year but when I saw Krista's little bear, I decided to make an exception this year... (Mr is going to find them in his bag and get very worried that 1: he hasn't got anything for me and 2: that I've probably done something wrong and trying to buy his forgiveness with biscuits... Would he guess 3: experiment for the blog?)

Here is the link to Krista's blog (Cookies with Character) with the super cute bear free to download: here

I was very worried I was going to butcher her design and as I can't draw and don't have a projector I thought it was time to try out templates. (I have seen it mentioned on several blogs, including Krista's.)

Happy Valentine's Mr, or whatever  ;o)

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