Saturday, 31 December 2016

Gingerbread Biscuits Trial

I've been searching for "my" gingerbread recipe for years... No more... I put 5 recipes to the test and dispatched to grateful testers :p

MS: Martha Stewart recipe here
BB: The Bearfoot Baker recipe here
H: Haniela recipe here
PP: Peggy Porschen, found on Cake Central forum recipe here
SS: Sweet Sugarbelle recipe here

Oh boy, were the results confusing! I have to say that the results I got have to do with the ingredients found in the UK (no molasses, different flour, butter, sugar, egg size?), the fact I weigh and not use cups, my method of rolling etc... so it doesn't mean that a recipe is "better" than another, but just what happened when I baked them. In all the recipes, I replaced the molasses by a 50-50 mix of golden syrup and black treacle.

MS: my favourite, deep flavours, almost savoury but some people didn't like it at all
BB: ok for most testers
H: clear favourite, good texture and spices
PP: very very spicy and very hard, probably excellent for building gingerbread houses (having said that, a few people had it as their favourite)
SS: another clear favourite, deep flavour of treacle but granulated sugar made it grainy, which I didn't like at all

So... I like to bake for others, to take to work or the boys' school/nursery so I need a crowd pleaser. Sorry MS but it can't be you! I decided to go for H as I liked the texture and change the ratio of my molasses' replacement to increase the black treacle. A bit of maths to match the amount of treacle I put in SS and Ta dah! Search over... for now!  ;o) 
Post with the final recipe here.

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